elly rodgers (b. 1996) is an artist and illustrator based in new york city, ny, usa.

she was born in williamsburg, va, and spent the latter half of her adolescence in belle mead, nj. she graduated from columbia university in new york, ny, usa, with a bachelor’s degree in visual arts in may of 2018.

in her illustrative work, elly explores consumerism, and the relational aesthetics of platonic and romantic love. she finds humans infinitely fascinating, with their myriad of intricacies, thoughts, flaws, and quirks. she creates worlds full of beauty and goods, bright colors and optimism, and individuals who celebrate humanity in all forms.

in her fine artwork, elly explores the distinction between fine art and design. using paint, textiles, and mixed media, she synthesizes the two and plays with visual language, color theory, and historically-feminine craft-forms.

elly is a capricorn sun with a cancer moon and a spattering of aquarius placements

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